Monday, June 27, 2011

Just venting some spleen out

I've been reading lots of Chinese romance novels recently. It's sorta like comforting myself.

The worst thing is that I've always had to try my best to calm myself down each time my grandma and other relatives of mine whisper about my employment status behind my back recently. Sometimes they even make me feel that I am being insulted. I swear at the so-called face to which they hold on to live. I swear at their ignorance, at their selfishness, at their greediness. And has anyone told them that they've been being unconsciously heartless to me?

Too much work is wearing me out. Ironically, those who have been helping me a lot are neither my parents nor any blood-related persons but my Sousuke, my lovely staffs and my friends. Strangely enough, it seems I wasn't born to live with my current family in harmony. No matter how hard I try, they seem to have forgotten how to listen and get what I really want for my life. Yah yah, I know that this is not new anymore, that it can't be any more boring, bla bla... But can you tell me how I can fix things up? I'm already in complete frustration now.

*sighs* Hope miracles will happen soon. And, well, I miss you, my Sousuke. Wish you could hold me right now. I really need a big warm hug.

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