Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I think I love "it" more than I thought - Day 1

"It" refers to Saigon, a place I used to love so much, and also hate no less. During the last 3-day trip, I met quite a lot of people, some are my former classmates, some are my online-turn-offline friends, some I'd known for many years, some I'd just met a few times, and others gave me a chance to see them for the very first time since we'd got to know each other. All of them left me such nice memories that I wish I could have extended the trip for a couple days.

I arrived at Saigon at about 7:15AM, feeling so excited, but unfortunately, my friend forgot to pick me up so I had to wait about half a hour before taking a taxi to my friend's home. She'd been waiting for me and when we met, she was still as beautiful and hospitable as usual. We talked for a while before she drove me to a coffee shop in the city's center where I met an online friend.

It was a little but very nice coffee shop decorated with lots of flowers. I felt so guilty when I knew that she'd been waiting for me for nearly one hour and a half (T_T) She looked younger than I'd thought, and her personality was much brighter than what she'd shown in my blog the other day. We're both from DN, but she's been living in SG for many years while I chose to come back home after 4 years and a half experiencing a lonely life there. We talked a lot and then she treated me lunch. I felt so honored to get to know about her and I believe I've been such a lucky girl to have opportunities to make friends with people like her. She's sweet, lovely but strong and tough as well. That we both worked in banking made it even easier for us to share our thoughts with each other. She said she was planning to come back to DN in fall and I'm really looking forward to seeing her again in our own hometown.

After lunch, she drove me to an ice-cream shop as I had an appointment with another online friend of mine there. I usually called her Ka. She treated me ice-cream made by her boss (and it tasted sooooooooo good!), then we talked for about 2 hours until she finished her shift and drove me to my friend's home so that I could prepare for a wedding in the evening. Sometimes I feel that Ka is a little bit weird, but it's hard to explain why I like her that much. Maybe it's because of her straightforwardness and sincerity, as well as her oddness ^^

After taking a nap, my friend's boyfriend drove us to the wedding of our classmate. The bride looked so pretty and utterly happy. I felt deeply happy for her as she'd found a great man for her life after so much heartbreak. It was also the most enjoyable wedding I'd ever attended so far. There I had a chance to meet my former college classmates. They all looked really beautiful and had become rather successful boys and girls. I used to hate my school a lot but after all, it was where I was able to meet many wonderful and excellent people who taught me how to try my best and to be humble in life.

We left the wedding at 9:30PM, and I spent one more hour in a karaoke room to listen to my friends' singing. My friend and I reached home at about 11PM and we both felt exhausted after a weekend with lots of activities. I chatted with my Sousuke on Y!M for several minutes before going to bed. To me, a day would be incomplete without hearing his voice or talking with him even just a few words. Sometimes he might make me get raving mad 'cos of silly stuff, but after all, he's still my dose of tranquillizer :)